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You can trade in your old device with the OnePlus trade-in program. When you trade in your old device, you can receive a OnePlus voucher. Ratings with an average of out of 5 stars. Learn how to use the coupons in this shop. Browse top stores and their coupons. OnePlus promo code and coupon for February OnePlus coupon and voucher for smartphones and electronics OnePlus provides a unique phone for people that want a superior phone model. Buy your un Buy your uniquely designed, high-performance technology at OnePlus. No OnePlus coupon needed. Display offer.

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The discount is applied in the cart, no promo code required. OnePlus is a manufacturer of smartphones and they deliver quality phones at great prices. OnePlus is a smartphone manufacturer which operates in 34 countries around the world. Trade and Save. Trade in your old phone and save big with OnePlus OnePlus is giving customers the opportunity to trade in their old phones OnePlus is giving customers the opportunity to trade in their old phones in their trade-in program and get the OnePlus 6 at a cheaper price. Receive the best offers with OnePlus and get the best smartphones at good prices.

Sign Up. Sign up to win a prize plus free shipping with OnePlus Subscribe to OnePlus' newsletter for a chance to win a prize, plus recei Subscribe to OnePlus' newsletter for a chance to win a prize, plus receive a free priority shipping promo code and be the first to know about the latest promotions, special offers, new products and more. OnePlus offers uniquely designed, high-performance technology to users worldwide.

Discount Sign up to win a prize and free shipping Conditions First-time subscribers only. Referral Program. Refer a friend to OnePlus and get promo points Join OnePlus' referral program and earn points for every friend you Join OnePlus' referral program and earn points for every friend you refer, trade-in your points for coupons, backpacks, headphones, phone chargers and more.

Shop at OnePlus for the best smartphones in the market for a fraction of the price of iPhones and Androids. Great Range of Phones. Subscribe and Win. Students Save.

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Support For All. Fantastic Accessories. OnePlus Referral Program. OnePlus Trade In Program. Expired coupons for OnePlus. Free accessories with your OnePlus 6 purchase. Was the coupon successful? Feb Report an offer issue Become a partner Contact. Securely accept sensitive payment details within your checkout process with a fully customizable user experience.

The Recurly. Create subscriptions, process one-time transactions, and update customer billing information worry-free. When a customer submits your payment form, Recurly. With this authorization key or token , you can do anything with our API that requires payment information. Because you never handle any sensitive payment information, your PCI scope is drastically reduced. It is not necessary to include recurly. It provides some helpful default styles to Recurly payment fields.

The Recurly-hosted version of recurly. Locally hosted versions of recurly. It is for this reason, we highly recommend against and do not support locally hosted copies of recurly. Due to the necessity of gathering customer payment data within iframe elements, and the nature of reactive framework re-rendering requirements, Recurly does not at this time provide native support for reactive frameworks like React and Angular.

Simply call recurly. This identifies your site to Recurly servers. You can find your public key in the API Access section of your admin app. You may refer to the source for more detail. Build a form however you like. Use the data-recurly attribute to identify input field targets to Recurly. For this, we recommend using simple div elements. There are two ways to display card fields to your customers: This is the simplest and most streamlined way to accept customer card date.

Recurly will inject a single field that will accept all card data. This field is responsive to various device widths and includes helpful UX enhancements to make card entry as smooth as possible. If you would like to display card fields separately from each other. This is helpful when the combined field does not fit your design needs. To collect card payment information from your customers, you'll create a form similar to this one.

In order for recurly. Note that card data is not present in the form, but merely given a placeholder element. This is because Recurly. To further customize your checkout experience, you will be able to pick and use any color for the placeholder text. This particular form contains the minimum required input fields, and the table below documents all possible input fields. Depending on how you've configured your billing address requirements , some of the following fields may be required. Just like a card form, use the data-recurly attribute to identify fields to Recurly.

Since Recurly. As you would a card form, you collect bank account payment information from your customers, identifying them with the data-recurly attributes on the input tags. This form demonstrates the minimum required input fields, and the table below highlights all possible input fields.

Since card fields must be injected within iframes, any style properties within those iframes must be passed to recurly. See the code example at right. Options unique to the combined card field are detailed in the following table. When passed into your recurly. Modifies the input type of the card field. Mobile devices will display an optimized interface.

Font color for each input element. Font color applied to all placeholder text. Style to apply to input elements when they contain an invalid value. See common field style properties. Font color applied to invalid input elements. Options unique to the individual card fields are detailed in the following table. Enables contextual input formatting, injecting spaces to match the card brand, and forcing numeric input on expiry and cvv. Modifies the input type of the expiry fields. Font color applied to the placeholder text.

We provide the following CSS classes to achieve a look and feel similar to your form. Using these classes, you may specify field size, colors, and a full range of appearance customization to make the injected card fields blend into your payment form. You may specify font and placeholder text for card fields through recurly.

The example call above demonstrates all available style attributes you may send to recurly. Custom fonts are sourced from Google Web Fonts. Simply use the name of the font as it appears on the Google Web Fonts site. All of the built in field classes will support and respond to media queries. You may call recurly. Interrupt the form submit to send billing info to Recurly and get a secure token in exchange. Once you have the token, submit the form to your server.

They are stored directly on Recurly servers to reduce your PCI exposure. When your customers submit your billing form, you'll need to interrupt the submit and ask Recurly. You may have noticed an additional hidden field in the form above, token. When you ask Recurly. This example demonstrates jQuery as an event-binding and DOM library; however, you may use any library you choose, or interact directly with the DOM hard mode.

A RecurlyError if an error occurred; otherwise null. Sends bank account billing information to Recurly to store as a token, sending that token id back to you. Just as with card tokenization, there are two ways to call recurly. The simplest is to pass it a form element containing form fields with their corresponding data-recurly attributes. Alternatively, you can call recurly.

This allows a more direct interface to the payment flow, eliminating any need to use the DOM. Create a new subscription with a token using one of our client libraries or API v2. Once Recurly. Expired tokens are permanently removed from the Recurly servers. Since tokens may be used to create charges in Recurly, be sure to keep them safe and only transmit them over a secure connection. If you use a token, no other attributes will be allowed on that Billing Info for that request.

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A Recurly instance is an event emitter, and will emit events throughout the lifecycle of your customer's interaction with your payment form. Events can be attached using the recurly.


The example to the right shows the various ways that you can attach and remove events. This event is emitted whenever a customer changes the state of hosted card fields, those that you may not otherwise observe directly with DOM events. For example, if your customer types '4' into the number field, then the state of the number field will change, and the change event will emit. The change event emits a RecurlyState object, whose values are demonstrated to the right.

This will give you useful insight into the entire state of the recurly-controlled components of your payment form. This event is emitted when a user presses the enter key while they are focused on a hosted field.

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Ashley Furniture coupons. Online only. OnePlus offers uniquely designed, high-performance technology to users worldwide. You can shop dickssportinggoods. It can be useful for storing additional information about the redemption and customer in a structured format. With OnePlus vouchers, coupon codes, and sales, you can save on great smartphone and cables. Ashley Stewart coupons.

Since this action typically submits a form, we recommend performing a payment form submission when this event is emitted. Note that you can detect the brand of the credit card entered using the "brand" field in the state object above. To get started, ensure your site is configured to accept Apple Pay transactions.

Setting up your Apple Pay integration in Recurly. See Apple's documentation on Displaying the Apple Pay Button for guidelines on display and styling the button. If you are using the recurly. Pricing class to calculate checkout prices, you may pass your pricing instance instead of providing a total. To provide additional customer data to tokens generated by recurly. ApplePay , you may pass a form reference.

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ApplePay will collect customer data from the form just as would occur during credit card tokenization. See Getting a Token for more information on building such a form. Total cost to display in the Apple Pay payment sheet. Required if options. If provided, will override options. If provided, tokens generated by the recurly. ApplePay instance will include customer billing address from the form, overriding any billing address gathered from Apple Pay. See Getting a Token for all compatible fields. Called when the ApplePay instance has completed initialization.

Will immediately invoke if the instance is already initialized.

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The callback is called with no arguments. Initiates Apple Pay payment sheet flow. Should be invoked by a user action, clicking the Apple Pay button on your payment page. This event is fired when the customer has completed the Apple Pay payment sheet flow. Recurly has received the payment details, and generated this token to be used in our API. This event is emitted when any error is encountered, whether during setup of the Apple Pay payment sheet, or during payment authorization.

It will be useful to display errors to your customer if a problem occurs during the Apple Pay flow. There is an issue with your Apple Pay authentication information. Check your certificate and key values in your gateway configuration. A PayPal transaction is handled entirely within the PayPal checkout flow in a new window. Your customer will authorize a transaction within PayPal. Recurly will then record the authorization and return a Recurly token to you as it does for other payment methods.

You will need to use the token within our API before it expires, and expired tokens cannot be retrieved.

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Next we must bind a listener to a user action on the button and have it trigger the start function on your recurly. PayPal instance. This will open the PayPal checkout flow. As with the rest of Recurly. The example uses jQuery to demonstrate binding events, but this can be done any way you wish. Finally, add a function to receive the token once your customer completes the checkout flow. At this point you will send the token id to your server to be used in the Recurly API to create a billing info for an account.

This event is emitted when any error is encountered, whether during setup of the PayPal flow, or during the checkout process. It will be useful to display errors to your customer if a problem occurs during PayPal checkout.

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This event is emitted when the customer has canceled the PayPal checkout flow before completion. You may wish to reset parts of your checkout experience if this occurs. This event is fired when the customer has completed the PayPal checkout flow. Recurly automates complicated subscriptions, with many factors influencing total subscription price.

With this in mind, Recurly. Pricing class designed to make determining actual subscription costs as simple and flexible as possible. A Recurly. Let's get to the specifics! Use pricing. This is the simplest way to use the pricing module. Simply pass a container element, and the pricing module with use all elements with a valid data-recurly attribute to determine price.

When a value changes, the pricing module will automatically update its values. This allows your customers to manipulate a pricing form at will, and you will be able to react dynamically in any number of ways. Input elements should be user-manipulable elements like input or select. Addon quantity. To identify the addon being modified, use the data-recurly-addon attribute to set the addon code. Output elements should be plain text elements like output , span , or div. As you might expect, these correspond to the next billing cycle cost. These values are especially useful for plans with trial periods.

A Pricing instance itself behaves as an event emitter, where events can be attached using the pricing. This event is emitted whenever a pricing module has updated any of its pricing values. You can use this event to update your pricing display, compute total shopping costs, aggregate to analytics, etc.

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For example, when a customer changes their plan, the pricing module will send set. This is especially useful for updating checkout previews based on what the customer has selected as one example. The pricing module can be manipulated with a set of direct method calls. This is useful if you would like to set up a complex pricing schema for your customers, or would just like to use a more programmatic method of determining subscription price.

Events fire just as they normally would when using pricing. Note that Recurly. Thus if you use the Pricing API on a pricing instance already attached to a container, the elements within will not update with your Pricing API calls. The example to the right demonstrates all the ways that a pricing module can be manipulated directly. This allows you to chain many asynchronous calls together without having to manage a complex chain of callbacks.

You don't need to worry much about the internals of a PricingPromise , as it is designed to stay out of your way and facilitate asynchronous calls for you. The catch method, as shown in the example, is used to handle error scenarios, such as when an addon cannot be applied to the selected plan. At the end of a chain of pricing method calls, be sure to call. With fraud protection enabled, tokens created with Recurly. Configuration is simple. Once you have enabled fraud protection on your site, modify your Recurly. First, you will need to collect device data using the Braintree JavaScript client.

This is required by Braintree. This will apply Braintree fraud data to your tokens generated by Recurly. Transactions created with those tokens will pass the fraud data to Braintree for fraud analysis. These methods are used when generating tokens, but you can also use them to enhance your form validations and checkout flow. It is also possible to inspect the validation state of hosted fields as your customer types, by listening to the 'change' event. Errors are encapsulated by a RecurlyError , which contains a few standard properties to help you diagnose error cases and inform your customers accordingly.

Errors will be thrown if the exception will prevent proper execution. If an error can be recovered, it will be passed to the proper error handling event listener, callback, or PricingPromise handler for you to inspect. The message property contains diagnostic information intended to help you diagnose problems with the form, and we do not recommend displaying its contents to your customers. To provide the best customer experience, we recommend that you provide your own error text to be displayed, based on the error code you receive.

This error appears when you try to perform an operation without first calling recurly. When you call recurly. This is thrown when the target element for a hosted payment field cannot be found on the page. Check the error message to check the selector being used, then check your page to ensure the element is present when recurly. A request validation error has occurred.

This can indicate many possible issues, and you should check the fields property to determine which fields caused the error. Occurs when a tokenization parameter does not pass our internal validations. Check the fields property to determine which fields caused the error. A request to the Recurly API has encountered an issue. This too can indicate many possible issues, and we recommend inspecting the message and fields properties for more information.

A Pricing instance will emit this if a plan has not been specified before trying to set a proeprty that depends on a plan, such as a coupon or addon. Occurs when an addon is added to a Pricing instance but is not valid for the instance's selected plan. Occurs when a gift card is redeemed with a currency that doesn't match the instance's configured currency. In order to perform a PayPal transaction, your site must be configured to accept PayPal reference.

We've prepared a full suite of example integrations for Ruby , Node. These examples demonstrate the simplest method of integration, with a no-frills UI. These are a more secure method of capturing customer card data, ensuring that their payment information is never exposed to your payment form.

This is a huge benefit for security and reduced PCI compliance exposure. First, you will need to update your payment form. We recommend using the card field since it includes a handful of validation and UX improvements, but it is also possible to use separate fields for the number, month, year, and cvv. This is explained more completely in the Getting Started section. Your recurly. Your callback function requires no modification. More info is available in the Getting a Token section. You'll notice that the hosted fields won't look like the rest of your payment form inputs.

That is because they are in fact iframes, and will need to be styled in order to get them to look right. We provide a stylesheet that works as a good baseline for styling the hosted fields to your needs See the Getting Started section. To tweak styles further, and to cover styles for when the field is invalid, etc, see the Styling Card Fields section. We are happy to assist further in your upgrade path. Feel free to reach out to us for Support.

Since version 3, Recurly. Given the significant changes, upgrading from an earlier version of Recurly. Please see the Getting Started section to begin.


We're also here to lend a hand on any Recurly. You can get help from us in a handful of ways:. For other Recurly related questions, please contact support recurly. Accounts with subscriptions that are valid for the current time. This includes subscriptions in a trial period.

Accounts with invoices that have failed initial collection but still have collection attempts remaining. Please note: Only base states active , closed will be present in the returned account records. You may optionally include billing information when updating an account. If the billing information is provided, the billing information will be validated. The account will only be updated if the billing information is valid.

Closing an account permanently deletes its billing information and cancels any active subscriptions canceled subscriptions will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle before expiring. Your requests should always include the header requesting the results as XML: When you generate a private API key, you have two options: Block the old key immediately. This is primarily recommended when the security of a key has been compromised.

Allow the old key access for 12 hours. This is primarily used when updating systems and a smooth transition between keys is needed. Allows merchants using the Vertex tax provider to associate an exemption certificate with the account to be included in any tax calculation requests for the account. Previous versions only allowed subscriptions to start immediately via this endpoint.