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Huggies Little Swimmers Just $5.24 at Walgreens or Pampers Splashers Deal At Amazon

Can u give me an example please?

Shop with The Krazy Coupon Lady at Walgreens!

Also not sure how to use the RRs. I got one for 2. WAGS has a book of coupons each month. They also put coupons in the paper.

Top 3 Tips To Save BIG On Diapers From A Couponing Mom!

There is also a special holiday coupon book out now. Now this is just a made up example. You could use all three coupons. You couldn't use a Register reward to pay for this because there is already a Manf coupon being used.

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If you add another item that you do not have a manf q for called a filler , you could use a RR. The number of Manf q's cannot be more than the number of items.

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The RR are considered Manf q's. Tine Herd. If they are giving RR for an item, the RR is a manuf q for the company that makes it. You can use it to pay for another Crest, but you won't get a RR for the second Crest. Then you could use the second RR to pay for another Crest.


WAGS is one of the trickiest stores to learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all this.

Spend Less than $10 Rolling Rewards at Walgreens, Starting 2/10!

Walgreens has store coupons in their weekly ads and in-store monthly savings They have Register Rewards, which are coupons for cash off your next. 3 days ago Walgreens has store coupons in their weekly ads and in-store They have Register Rewards, which are coupons for cash off your next.

This really helped me understand better. It will still take time to get all of this but one store at a time. Again thanks for the info. Walgreens is the hardest. There's a video that explained it all to me on you tube.

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I'm not sure if we can post links I love all her videos and free! Also to use the RR. Do I have to use on an item for that amount only or could I use t towards something. You can use it against your total. But not on tax, stamps and other exceptions.

You can use it on another item like the one that earned it if you don't want want another reward. Very rarely you will get another reward.

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BB code is On. Smilies are On. You can use this formula:. The smaller size diapers have more in the pack than the bigger ones, so obviously those are going to have a lower stock up price than the larger sizes. The jumbo packs are pretty easy to know when you are getting a great deal but when you get into the larger pack sizes it can start to get trickier to know immediately.

That formula can help you determine if it is. You might be able to get a good price on diapers by using a coupon on diapers when they are on sale, but to really maximize your savings, look for deals that also include some type of additional reward or gift card. All of these stores frequently run promotions to earn back an additional reward for spending a certain amount on diapers and or wipes.

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Make sure you sign up for the Store Cards for these stores in order to access the sales prices and store rewards offers. You can also get good deals at Target for diapers, but in my experiences, the promotions they offer to get the best deals require you to buy the bigger boxes which typically requires a higher out of pocket cost that may not always be convenient when you are working on a limited budget.

You would be able to do something like this:. You may also receive baby coupons that could be used at the Red Magic Coupon Machine or they may print on the bottom of your receipt a. These are Walgreens Store Coupons that can be stacked with manufacturer coupons. These are cool because you can scan the coupon once and it will apply to each qualifying item purchased.

Be sure to check for additional cash back options for diapers that may be available.